I know it's bad to lie. This is taught all through one's life, that lying is bad and should be avoided at any and all cost. Don't lie to anyone under any circumstances! There is never a good reason to lie! Well, I absolutely, one hundred percent disagree with that. I do think there are appropriate times to fib a little. Well, maybe a lot. Lol. Let me explain: if someone will be hurt physically and/or emotionally due to the lie that is being told then no, don't fucking do it! However, if this lie hurts no one and is done without causing any damage whatsoever then please, PLEASE just lie to me! For example if you've never had a girlfriend and you're 32 it's totally okay to not say anything about this while searching for love online. That's just not something you should put out there because as a female let me just say that if a guy I was even remotely interested in was to say something like that
my first thought/question is going to be something along the lines of, "What the fuck is wrong with this guy and what did he do to make women run from him in the first damn place." See, it's just information that isn't needed. You don't need to say that. It makes you
seem pathetic and downright desperate and honey, no woman wants to be a hero. We want to save puppies and abused children, not a full-grown functioning man-baby. If you must post about how lonely you are every single fucking night please hide that shit from any girl you may be interested in and friends with. She doesn't get turned on by your sadness. No woman wants to fuck a man she feels sorry for. Women want to feel special and when you post that sad shit all of us feel like you would literally sleep with ANY woman that gave you form of attention at all. NOT CUTE! When that urge to post that "woe is me" hits you remind yourself JUST SAY NO! DON'T FUCKING DO IT!!! I know it seems tempting and you may think that some awesome, beautiful female might read it and start swooning for you but don't do it!!!

Remember back to when that dumb bitch from Facebook with a blog told you that you sound like a pathetic, whiny bitch and considering all the whining you've done hasn't worked maybe, just maybe that dumb bitch was right.  ;)


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    I am a thirty-something mother of two. I spend my days cooking, reading, stalking, bitching and now blogging!