I have been ranting about whores, sluts, etc. for as long as I can remember. Lately I’ve had some requests to write a more in-depth blog about my feelings that go further than simply “Die bitches” so here ya go, let’s do this!

          I guess since I was raised in a home where loyalty actually meant LOYALTY I automatically assumed that the world I was living in felt the same way. That certainly has not been the case. The older I became the more I realized that some considered faithfulness as something that was true as long as they weren’t caught and I suppose that may be true. I mean, if no one knows but you and your whore that you’re being a whore yourself then really no harm done, right? But unfortunately the truth always comes out and usually when the innocent party least expects it. Here you are, thinking your love and your marriage is strong and nothing will ever come between you and then you see a text, a photo or you overhear a phone conversation. That’s usually all it takes to make a woman start questioning and inevitably start investigating and they say if you have to ask, you already fucking know. Personal experience leads me to believe that this is 100% accurate. I could go on and on talking about why men stray but this blog is about the bitches that think they have the right to step in and takeover. That’s right sluts, this one is for you.

          So what is it that makes a woman feel like a married man is the man for her? Now this is where some feelings might get hurt. I have seen this happen quite a bit and I’ve noticed that a lot of these whores (I’d call them mistresses but none of these bitches are worthy of such a complicated word) have come from broken homes, with the father either abusive or not present and a cheater himself. Some of them have mothers that have sat back and watched it all happen and never said a word. Listen up whores, if you’re looking for an excuse I just gave it to you. Obviously this doesn’t apply to all whores. Some bitches just like the chase that is involved with married men. They want to see if they’re good enough to lure a man out of his home and away from his family and when they do they feel like they’ve won. Not true. Not too many men would turn down a blowie on the sly. You just made it easy. Because you’re easy. Congratulations, I guess?

          Once the cheating has been discovered what is the next step? I’ll tell you what it should be and you can decide if you want to take that route. I must advise that you do because I’ve had fabulous results  ;-)  Here’s my list and reasoning behind it:

·       Confront the bitch. Let her know that you know and you’re no longer going to sit back and watch as it unravels. Be as intimidating as you can. You need this bitch scared of you! Key key key! If she’s not scared of you what’s going to stop her? NOTHING! These hoes don’t have souls!

·       If the confrontation ends up with both of you yelling back and forth your next step should always be……violence! Fuck yes I said it, fuck no I don’t take it back. Hit her. Hit her hard. Can’t throw a punch? Hello mace! Hello stun gun! This bitch needs to know you’re crazy and will go to any lengths to keep what is yours. Like I said, YOU WANT HER SCARED OF YOU!

·       Find out where she works, get her fired. Find out who her family is, send them her naked pics. This shit just got REAL!

·       Buy you something nice with HIS money. Because we all want nice things and why not make a cheating asshole pay for it?!?!

·       Find a counselor, a pastor or a trusted family member to sit down and talk with you and your husband together and figure out what the hell went wrong and if you want to stay together, fix it! If you’re done, get everything you can out of him and bash his ass everywhere. You deserve to. You did what you were supposed to do and you had no control over another person’s actions.

That pretty much covers it. Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you take my advice. If you don’t agree with me fuck off. I agree with me. Until next time………………………….

Superman gets it.....
        Being a new blogger means I have been spending a lot of my time trying to get people to visit my website, read all of my blogs and keep them coming back frequently to view newly added items. Today a good friend of mine, Jack, was kind enough to advertise for me on his Facebook page. He works for a radio station across the river in Paducah, KY. They have a Facebook called "Outlaw Hours" which is a show on 93.3 (WKYQ) that is played during the weekend consisting of country music songs typically about drinking, drugs, hard working men and honky tonk heroes (think Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Jr.).  Thank you Jack! Just for you I am posting these three videos that are truly "outlaw country".

"Georgia on a Fast Train"
I love this song! When I think of country music, this is exactly the sound I want to hear playing. My Dad and I would request this every Saturday night on our local station and sit and talk while we waited for it to come on. Great memories attached to this song!

"Never Smoke Weed with Willie Again"
This song is one that I wish I would have written myself. It's humorous , has a great chorus and is about one of my favorite country music artist, Willie Nelson.
"Tear in My Beer"
I cannot even begin to explain how emotional this song can make me. This was one of my Dad's favorite songs (country music was all he listened to) and every time I hear it I think of him. I really love this song and the way it makes me feel when I listen to it.

        I wasn’t going to write anything today but all it took was a trip to Metropolis (Methtropolis) to change that plan. I really do not understand why people in this town have such a strong desire and determination to make easy tasks so damn difficult. There are so many residents in Massac County (one that I spoke with today, hence the blog) that claim to want a job then either don’t look for one or they get one, work a day or two or long enough to get that first paycheck and then they walk out and quit. What’s the fucking point??? How far do you expect one week’s pay from a minimum wage job to get you? It’s not enough to pay for rent or an electric bill, it’s not enough to buy food for the month and it won’t buy much gas for your vehicle (if your broke-ass has one). So what are these assholes doing to earn money it takes for them to get wasted? I need to know this answer because I have been working since I was 16 and I want to get intoxicated for free too!

          Another thing that irritated me today while I was out and about in town running errands was how these fast-food workers that act like their job is so difficult and demanding. I’ve worked fast-food before and it’s seriously one of the easier jobs I’ve had. The hardest part about working these kinds of jobs is dealing with the public and their shitty attitudes. I may bitch online but I’m never rude to these goofy bitches no matter how much they may deserve it. That being said, why is it almost impossible to get the right order at a drive-thru window? It’s not like I ordered $100 worth of food, give me my fucking cheeseburger and SWEET tea and let me get out of here! Or how about I get my order taken by an employee that doesn’t act like I owe them a tip for making me pay for cold, hard fries? I know if I’m rude to anyone there I’m going to get spit in my food so really I’m just stuck dealing with the bullshit with a smile on my face. One pissed off, I-wanna-smack-the-smirk-off-your-face, fake smile. If there’s a better way to deal with them please tell me your secret, I’m all ears!

          I bitch about Massac, Brookport and Metropolis but I have no intention of never, ever packing up and moving away. I like that I know where everything is and who everyone is. I like my kids growing up with my friends’ kids and seeing how everyone from junior high is all grown-up, some doing spectacular and some in jail or worse. Sure, there’s a few people I wish would leave the area (lol) but I’m staying right here. Another good thing about living here all my life is I know for the most part where I should go for food and fun and where to avoid as well. Today I went somewhere I frequently go to, I just happened to get a disrespectful employee. However if this bitch is anything like she was a few years ago it won’t be long before she blows all of her money she makes on Sudafed and meth and she gets fired. To that I say BYE FELICIA!

          That is today’s rant and now I’m done and I totally feel better. Until next time…………………………

        Music has always been a huge part of my life. I will hear a song and it will make me think of something or someone that I hadn't thought about in years. Some of my earliest memories are that of me and my Dad in his garage with the radio playing as he worked on old cars, taking vehicles that were once full of rust, dents and broken mirrors and making them stunningly gorgeous and shiny. My teen years were the best days of my life, it was nothing but school and friends and fun and my preference in music included nearly every genre imaginable. It's that way to this very day. The 90's were so carefree and fun and full of some really amazing music so I have decided to do a weekly throwback video (or two) of some of my favorite songs. I hope when you watch and hear them they take you back for a moment and you remember what life was like without cellphones, spouses, kids and BILLS! Now the fun begins........I'm going to kick it off with one of the best songs from the year 1990 - Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby". Why, because it's fucking fabulous and it makes my heart smile.
And here's an absolute classic from 1992. I know you know this one too! Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back"! Oh my God Becky, look at her butt.............................
I cannot post the above video without posting Brian William's gettin' down with the get down (thank you Jimmy Fallon!). If you haven't seen this, you're welcome.

    The first time I heard the song "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea  ft. Charli XCX I was instantly hooked on it. It was stuck in my head all day maybe because I was in my car for several hours and the local radio stations seem to be obsessed with this song as well  and played it many, many times. I pick up my husband from work and I'm like, you have got to hear this song! You're not going to believe who sings it and I want you to see if you can guess who it is (a game he hates to play with me). I found it playing and he listens and surprisingly said the same two people I had been thinking it was all day: Eve and Gwen Stefani. The song ends and the deejay announces that it's by these bitches I've never heard of before in my life: Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX. Are Vince and I the only two people on Earth who thought this sound was a lot like "Let Me Blow Your Mind"? To me, their voices sound almost identical to those two. Watch Eve and Gwen Stefani below and see if you can hear the similarities! Do you agree or am I insane or deaf???

    I'm not saying the songs are similar but I totally think their voices are. I'm still not 100% convinced I'm wrong. Lol. I also think the lead singer from F.U.N. sounds extremely similar to Freddie Mercury. Yes yes yes he does.
    Until next time.....................
        I am absolutely, totally and completely scared of drowning, always have been but there is something so beautiful and fascinating to me about bridges. My favorite local bridge is of course the Irvin Cobb (Brookport Bridge), pictured above. I learned how to drive on this bridge. I have struck it with my first car, a Honda Tempo, and left my white paint on it. I have ran out of gas on it on a Halloween midnight and sat terrified waiting on someone to come save me from the bad guys I knew were waiting to come attack me. I have driven behind drunk drivers that were constantly bouncing side-to-side as they swerved their way to the Smoke Shop to get  more booze. It has been through hell (including the November 17, 2013 Brookport/Unionville tornado, floods and numerous barge and vehicle hits) and still stands strong . This bridge terrifies so many people I know but I will drive over until the day (God forbid) it closes or falls down (motherfuck the interstate!). Maybe it's the noise it makes, maybe it's the fact you can drop a soda pop can through the holes, or maybe folks just can't handle the awesome. Either way, I'm a fan.
        I think one of the main reasons I love the Brookport Bridge so much is that it reminds me a lot of my Dad who passed away on August 6, 2007. He was the first one to let me drive across it and wasn't mad at all when I scrapped it a little with his precious pickup truck, he actually chuckled when I had done it seeing as it was I had huge tears going down my cheeks. We spent a lot of time crossing that bridge going to my cousin's house Ledbetter with me riding in the bed of his truck and looking over the side seeing the water beneath us through the grates. Honestly those were some of the best times of my life and forever that bridge will hold a spot in my heart. It's a bridge filled of great memories for me.
        One bridge that is on my bucket list is the Seven Mile Bridge in Key West, Florida. This bridge has stunning views of the ocean and one day I will drive across it. Well, maybe I'll be driven. This bridge looks scary as hell to me. I think it's because it looks wide-open, like you'll drive right in the ocean but it's so gorgeous and the location is pure paradise. Check out the pics below to see for yourself.
        Soon the Brookport Bridge will be closing for a few weeks while they work on the bike trail which means I will be forced to drive on the ever-dreaded interstate bridge. No. Just no. Fuck the bike trail, KEEP BIG BLUE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's with me?
        A couple of days ago it was falling and now it has fell. The old Ledbetter Bridge is no longer standing. The Paducah side of it collapsed shortly after 2am. This was not unexpected as the bridge has been shifting and sinking for a while now. No worries though since the new bridge has been open and functional for months but it does make for some good photographs.  Photos taken from KFVS.com/Mark D. McCoy Photography
      I’m quite outspoken on Facebook. Some people think I’m funny, some think I’m foolish and crazy and some people just think I’m a rude, vulgar bitch. There are times when I’ll get a friend request from someone and I want to message them before I accept it to warn them that they may not approve of what they see on my page. On the occasion that I have done that, the requester will say they are fine with it, that it doesn’t bother them and inevitably within a month I’ll be deleted for my choice of language. Listen, I’m an adult and I’ll post whatever I want. I would never tell you how to post so please do the same for me. That being said, it does take quite a lot to offend me or to get me to delete you. Everyone has their limits and I’m about to tell you what is guaranteed to get you deleted from my Facebook and my life.

      One of the best ways to piss me off on social media is to see someone with an obvious and well-known meth addiction that posts a ton of updates about what a great person and parent they are and how everyone else is so beneath them and their high standards for living. Bitch, no. Some of us know you in real life and know what kind of shadiness you’re up to. The kind of people that struggle to keep custody of their own kids that love trying to tell everyone else how they should be raising their children and bitches that spend more time at the club than they do at home. They will upload picture after picture of them partying and drinking and whoring then get hella defensive when someone mentions anything negative about the way they handle their home life. If you live your life publicly then the public is going to judge you and it’s more than likely not going to be what you want to hear.

      Meth is a stimulant, which means it gives you energy. So why is it that every meth whore that post a picture of their house on Facebook has a home that looks like it’s only a phone call away from appearing on an episode of “Hoarders”? Not only is the house a mess but most of these meth freaks neglect their children’s hygiene and these poor kids go around with unruly and tangled hair, teeth that haven’t seen a brush in months and clothes that don’t fit and are filthy. They go to school and get picked on and bullied not because of anything they’ve done but because mommy and daddy will not put down the foil long enough to take care of the kids they don’t deserve. These are the kinds of bitches that I love to read about getting arrested and seeing their mug shot on the county jail website.  You bitch, you are right where your ass needs to be – in JAIL!

      So that’s what I’m thinking about today. Facebook, meth, whores and bitches. Which means today is like any other day. Lol.  Now it’s time for me to get back to hating online. Until the next time………


The Ledbetter, Ky Bridge on June 20, 2014.
        The Ledbetter Bridge has always been a scary one. Old and narrow, each time I drove over it I cringed. Finally last year another bridge was built and the one pictured above was no longer used. That's a good damn thing because this bridge will not need to be demolished, it's going to self-destruct! Which is kind of scary when you think that just a little over a year ago this bridge was still being used. Yikes.
        Another big story on area bridges involved that of damage done to the Brookport Bridge (Irvin S. Cobb Bridge). The damage actually occurred a few months ago but earlier in the week a few photos were shared on Facebook and that was enough to garner media attention. It's really not a big deal. That bridge is a strong one! Can't nothing hurt Big Ol' Blue! So relax everyone, there are many more years left of driving on that bridge. No worries and fuck the interstate.
        #LegendsNeverDie  #GoBigBlue


        I love Breaking Bad. I didn't even start watching the show until the series finale had already aired and it was over but it is one of those shows that I cannot not watch if it's on. I watched the entire series straight through and cried like a baby at the end of the final episode.
        It's a show about a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White that is diagnosed with lung cancer and begins cooking meth to make money for his family (and his own medical treatment). He hooks up with a former student and meth-addict, Jesse Pinkman, who helps him meet people to sell his product to. With Walter being a chemistry teacher the product he makes becomes very popular very fast. If you've never seen it, it's a series to buy that you definitely won't regret. Even just writing this blog has forced me to put in Season One and watch it as I type this out. I miss this show!!!!!!!
        Below are some of the best photos featuring the series. All were found on Pinterest and can be accessed via my Pinterest account under username: SusanKings2. Enjoy!


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