We all know that stealing is wrong, not just legally but morally as well. We’ve been taught from a young age that you just cannot take something from someone or somewhere that is not yours. We learned this by being at a friend’s home and trying to take a toy with us, by going in to a grocery store and grabbing a piece of candy and shoving it in our mouth/pocket or when at Grandma’s house and attempting to take off with a trinket. Immediately we were scolded and reminded that stealing was wrong. Stealing starts out innocently enough but the older you get the better you understand just how wrong it is. Most of us have a conscious and stealing eats away at us until the matter is corrected or we simply never do it and never have anything to have to correct. Yet some people have never developed that mentality; never matured enough to know you only get what you work for and earn.

          There are various ways to steal, some not as bad as others. Now let me clarify: STEALING IS WRONG. Yet stealing from a large corporation is indeed different than stealing from your friends, your parents or a church. Stealing from individuals to me is much more malicious and evil. When you steal from a large store they usually have insurance to assist in getting some profit back; but to steal from one person can be extremely damaging to them both short and long-term. A short-term affect would be not being able to buy gas that day but a long-term could mean a missed mortgage payment and once you get a little behind on something like that it’s easy to get behind a lot. I had money stolen from me that contained my mortgage payment and I almost lost my home as a result. Dirty fucking bitches. I get satisfaction out of seeing how miserable they still live today. Thank you, karma.

          Yesterday there was a segment on a local news station about a man and woman who had collected funds from various churches in order to help while her young son, who was allegedly going blind, was still in the hospital in another city. It turns out her kid is fine, not sick nor going blind. She requested money for traveling and food expenses and received money on several occasions. What kind of sick, twisted bitch are you to steal from a church? This is exactly why people who need the help are unable to receive it; because people like this are draining the funds and leaving none for those truly in need. Sadly she most likely won’t serve much, if any, jail time.

          I’m also disgusted at the abuse of services like Toys For Tots and similar programs. I’ve seen so many couples sign up for this and use the money they should but refuse to spend on their own children turn around and use it on themselves for extravagant phones, car stereos and other bullshit not needed. My husband and I are not wealthy by any means. We literally are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Despite this we have managed to provide our children with an absolutely outstanding Christmas as well as cook our annual dinner for the family. Sure, we’ve had to go without some things we wanted for ourselves but sometimes you’ve got to suck it up and get shit done. I’m not saying everyone abuses these organizations, I’m just saying it does indeed happen and it’s fucking disgusting. If you can get yourself a ton of shit for Christmas but not buy one damn thing for your kid then something is fucking wrong with this picture! Getting gifts given to you that you don’t really need is STEALING! Oh and it’s a small town and all news travels fast, we all know you didn’t buy all that shit you took pictures of and posted all over Facebook. We all know those that donated did. You’re fucking welcome, you ungrateful, repulsive thief. I feel bad for the kids caught in the middle. They have no idea mommy and daddy would rather have the newest Xbox games as opposed to buying them simple, cheap gifts that would make any kids more than happy on Christmas morning.

          Some people can only be trusted when they’re asleep and even then you worry they’re dreaming about their next quest of thieve-ary. Well, I guess I’ve got this rant thing out of my system. I feel much better now. How about you?

       I don’t get why females act like they’ve really done something with their lives when they ‘steal’ someone’s man for an hour at a time. I mean really, what have you got? A dude who only wants to touch your tits, get it in and then get the fuck out. You special motherfucker, you! He loved you a lot for fifteen minutes, didn’t he? Now he’s on his way home, with his money, and you’re left there thinking how much you’ve got him wrapped around your finger. Keep him there; just send me his checks, k bitch? Really though what do you think you’ve accomplished? I know guys that are so slutty they’d sleep with a German Sheppard if it was legal (haha I know one that was rumored to have had such an meeting with a canine). Yuck times a million.

       You act like giving a dude a boner is some major achievement, as if every dude doesn’t wake up with a hard-on already. Congrats bitch, you did the same thing that could be done if he were to take a nap. You win! Dudes get excited for no reason. You could ask him to take out the trash and some asshole will get turned on because men are men and their dicks just don’t give a fuck about yo’ feelings. No, not all men. Just 90% of them. You bitches are no better than they are. Just because they’ll put it anywhere doesn’t mean you should let them. “I’m just doing what the guys are doing why is that so wrong” , bitch, it’s not wrong it’s just fucking nasty. The guys that do it aren’t cute either. I know of several guys that would have themselves an excellent spouse but their past adventures totally made that impossible. For example I knew a chic who was really interested in this dude who was actually pretty hot but then she heard who he’d slept with and she was like nooooo, just no. I don’t want what that bitch has but thanks! And they would’ve been the perfect couple but he just had to stick it in some skank whore’s vag and ruin all chances. Hope your five minute encounter was worth a lifetime of rejection from decent females.

       I just don’t get what is so special feeling about enticing a man that would never fully be yours. How does it make you feel worth anything to be with a man that clearly only want one thing from you and that’s your pussy, not your heart. What’s so exciting about being a “side piece”? Can anyone explain this to me


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    I am a thirty-something mother of two. I spend my days cooking, reading, stalking, bitching and now blogging!