I wasn’t going to write anything today but all it took was a trip to Metropolis (Methtropolis) to change that plan. I really do not understand why people in this town have such a strong desire and determination to make easy tasks so damn difficult. There are so many residents in Massac County (one that I spoke with today, hence the blog) that claim to want a job then either don’t look for one or they get one, work a day or two or long enough to get that first paycheck and then they walk out and quit. What’s the fucking point??? How far do you expect one week’s pay from a minimum wage job to get you? It’s not enough to pay for rent or an electric bill, it’s not enough to buy food for the month and it won’t buy much gas for your vehicle (if your broke-ass has one). So what are these assholes doing to earn money it takes for them to get wasted? I need to know this answer because I have been working since I was 16 and I want to get intoxicated for free too!

          Another thing that irritated me today while I was out and about in town running errands was how these fast-food workers that act like their job is so difficult and demanding. I’ve worked fast-food before and it’s seriously one of the easier jobs I’ve had. The hardest part about working these kinds of jobs is dealing with the public and their shitty attitudes. I may bitch online but I’m never rude to these goofy bitches no matter how much they may deserve it. That being said, why is it almost impossible to get the right order at a drive-thru window? It’s not like I ordered $100 worth of food, give me my fucking cheeseburger and SWEET tea and let me get out of here! Or how about I get my order taken by an employee that doesn’t act like I owe them a tip for making me pay for cold, hard fries? I know if I’m rude to anyone there I’m going to get spit in my food so really I’m just stuck dealing with the bullshit with a smile on my face. One pissed off, I-wanna-smack-the-smirk-off-your-face, fake smile. If there’s a better way to deal with them please tell me your secret, I’m all ears!

          I bitch about Massac, Brookport and Metropolis but I have no intention of never, ever packing up and moving away. I like that I know where everything is and who everyone is. I like my kids growing up with my friends’ kids and seeing how everyone from junior high is all grown-up, some doing spectacular and some in jail or worse. Sure, there’s a few people I wish would leave the area (lol) but I’m staying right here. Another good thing about living here all my life is I know for the most part where I should go for food and fun and where to avoid as well. Today I went somewhere I frequently go to, I just happened to get a disrespectful employee. However if this bitch is anything like she was a few years ago it won’t be long before she blows all of her money she makes on Sudafed and meth and she gets fired. To that I say BYE FELICIA!

          That is today’s rant and now I’m done and I totally feel better. Until next time…………………………



06/26/2014 12:51am

Love this rant. i so feel the same. people have gotten to be so rude. i put on my fake smile and speak to everyone thank them and go outta my way to have the best manners possible and what do u get in return.....nothing.....not hello kiss my ass or anything. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO.

06/26/2014 12:56am

Yes! Nothing is worse than being ignored. I'd rather be told off than not be recognized at all.

06/27/2014 6:47pm

Amen, sista!

06/27/2014 7:07pm

Loved this rant. It is so true, how i wish i could have said it like you did! Keep up the good work!

07/31/2016 9:14am

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05/11/2017 4:03am

It seems like this isn't your day and your experiences went bad. Well, cheep up! Bad day is normal for all of us. Just think that everyday is not a bad day. There's always a sun after the rain. Just be positive next time and as much as possible, stay away from bad vibes! You can do that. Always wear a smile on your face every day and the whole day would be a bright one!


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