America's Sexiest Convict?
Jeremy Meeks is an inmate in Stockton, California. His mug shot is everywhere on the internet. He is an internet sensation and is all over the national media. Why? It’s not because of the crime he committed. It’s not because of who he or his family is. So why is America so fascinated with some random Northern California inmate? For quite possible the most ignorant reason ever. It’s because thousands of dumb bitches want to fuck him. Yes, THOUSANDS of women are talking about this nobody asshole. He’s sure to land of some idiot’s page for MCM (Man Crush Monday). Okay, so the kid has pretty blue eyes. Have you read his charges? Five weapons and one gang charge. $900,000 bail. Jump on him ladies, he’s quite the catch! Really? REALLY?? I don’t see what it is that so many women find so attractive and enticing about a man that cannot do a damn thing for you. He is a violent, broke-ass criminal.

He’s in jail so he cannot get and hold a job to help you pay absolutely anything. In fact, if he remains in jail you'll probably have to put money on his account for commissary and phone minutes. He is rumored to have previous domestic charges, so maybe you’d be the next lucky bitch with a black eye that “ran in to a wall”. Dream big, ladies! What type of irresponsible female sees a mug shot and swoons? Please, use a little common sense and DO NOT lust after someone who would do nothing but make your life even more miserable than it already is. You’re fucking embarrassing to normal women. Quit glorifying an asshole in lockup!



06/20/2014 2:05am

06/20/2014 9:10pm

We were just talking about this kind of thing today! The guy doesn't even have to be attractive, but the women flock to them. I just don't get it.

06/21/2014 7:39pm

Carmen, I don't under-fucking-stand! Do these girls think if they bail him out he's going to come home to them and be their knight in shining armor? He gives no fucks. Women like that make the rest of us look just as desperate and stupid as they are. Bitches!

06/30/2016 7:07am

Those who are taking the ladies as an easy cookie are soon considering their thoughts wrong about them. The lady is love full only in the form of the mother. In every other form that is just selfish and slave growing lovers.

10/07/2016 11:18pm

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