The Ledbetter, Ky Bridge on June 20, 2014.
        The Ledbetter Bridge has always been a scary one. Old and narrow, each time I drove over it I cringed. Finally last year another bridge was built and the one pictured above was no longer used. That's a good damn thing because this bridge will not need to be demolished, it's going to self-destruct! Which is kind of scary when you think that just a little over a year ago this bridge was still being used. Yikes.
        Another big story on area bridges involved that of damage done to the Brookport Bridge (Irvin S. Cobb Bridge). The damage actually occurred a few months ago but earlier in the week a few photos were shared on Facebook and that was enough to garner media attention. It's really not a big deal. That bridge is a strong one! Can't nothing hurt Big Ol' Blue! So relax everyone, there are many more years left of driving on that bridge. No worries and fuck the interstate.
        #LegendsNeverDie  #GoBigBlue




They should close these bridges for vehicles and people who pass it by walking. Because they can face dangerous accidents because of falling that bridges and government should make new bridges there according to their demand.


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