So I have major road rage. I’m sure my blood pressure goes up. My face gets red. I’m cursing non-stop, calling you every bad, insulting name I’ve ever heard of as well as inventing some new ones. Other people are so inconsiderate. I mean seriously, how hard is it to barely move your hand and touch that thing on the side of the steering wheel that lets me know you’re not planning on being in front of me very much longer? In some states (ahem, Kentucky) apparently this task is just too much to comprehend. I always plan on protesting and not using mine but always feel guilty and use it anyway. Tailgating me, well now I’m scared and I have to slow down even more. Do not make this a contest, you will not win. I’d love to be that driver that rolls down my window, shoots you the bird and speeds off but fortunately I’m just too damn nice. So inside my head I rage. Hard. I’m not really down with possibly getting my ass kicked or going to jail. I’m certainly not inmate material. You’re welcome.



06/13/2016 7:41am

Why your inner road is rage? You should have to contact with your constructor who can build your inner road again. You don’t have to lose your all hopes. All will be becoming normal with the passing of the time.


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