I am absolutely, totally and completely scared of drowning, always have been but there is something so beautiful and fascinating to me about bridges. My favorite local bridge is of course the Irvin Cobb (Brookport Bridge), pictured above. I learned how to drive on this bridge. I have struck it with my first car, a Honda Tempo, and left my white paint on it. I have ran out of gas on it on a Halloween midnight and sat terrified waiting on someone to come save me from the bad guys I knew were waiting to come attack me. I have driven behind drunk drivers that were constantly bouncing side-to-side as they swerved their way to the Smoke Shop to get  more booze. It has been through hell (including the November 17, 2013 Brookport/Unionville tornado, floods and numerous barge and vehicle hits) and still stands strong . This bridge terrifies so many people I know but I will drive over until the day (God forbid) it closes or falls down (motherfuck the interstate!). Maybe it's the noise it makes, maybe it's the fact you can drop a soda pop can through the holes, or maybe folks just can't handle the awesome. Either way, I'm a fan.
        I think one of the main reasons I love the Brookport Bridge so much is that it reminds me a lot of my Dad who passed away on August 6, 2007. He was the first one to let me drive across it and wasn't mad at all when I scrapped it a little with his precious pickup truck, he actually chuckled when I had done it seeing as it was I had huge tears going down my cheeks. We spent a lot of time crossing that bridge going to my cousin's house Ledbetter with me riding in the bed of his truck and looking over the side seeing the water beneath us through the grates. Honestly those were some of the best times of my life and forever that bridge will hold a spot in my heart. It's a bridge filled of great memories for me.
        One bridge that is on my bucket list is the Seven Mile Bridge in Key West, Florida. This bridge has stunning views of the ocean and one day I will drive across it. Well, maybe I'll be driven. This bridge looks scary as hell to me. I think it's because it looks wide-open, like you'll drive right in the ocean but it's so gorgeous and the location is pure paradise. Check out the pics below to see for yourself.
        Soon the Brookport Bridge will be closing for a few weeks while they work on the bike trail which means I will be forced to drive on the ever-dreaded interstate bridge. No. Just no. Fuck the bike trail, KEEP BIG BLUE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's with me?


Laura darnell
06/22/2014 10:14pm

I ♡ the blue bridge♡♡♡

06/23/2014 9:35am

Long Live Big Blue!

Jamy Lin
06/24/2014 3:22pm

All bridges terrify me! LOL

06/27/2014 2:40pm

Love the blue bridge. I to have many memories of it.

06/22/2016 7:13pm

The view of brookport bridge very nice and its very close to nature. It will be a very adventurous journey for the adventurous ones. I have never seen such a beautiful bridge before. It is amazing wonder of the world.

12/19/2016 12:53am

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