You log onto Facebook and there it is, someone’s vagina is on your newsfeed. At first it’s just shocking. I don’t know about you but it’s not everyday I get an up-close and personal view of a friend’s shaven muff. Then you think, okay I know this chic is a little bit “popular” but since when has she decided to let all of us see all of her? After a few minutes the inevitable “OMG, I’m so sorry. I DID NOT post that. My ex did”. Of course he did, and next week you’ll be engaged, he’ll be your “one and only forever” and we’ll all sit back and wait for the next episode of your pathetic example of a love story. I for one am not interested. Scratch that-I’m all ears and eyes! I love this fucking train wreck! I’m not ashamed to admit that I love drama. YOUR drama, not mine. Fighting with a friend? Tell me! Your baby daddy cheated on you again? With who?!? Tell me! Your sister has vowed to never speak to you again? What did you do? Did you hit her? Who do your parents side with? TELL ME!!! I want to know every last sordid detail. What kind of shirt did that bitch have on? Did she cry? How big IS her nipple? Everything, leave nothing out. I’ll skip over what I don’t want to know. Let’s get this drama party started!

My favorite drama series has to be “We’re in Love, We’re Going to Kill Each Other”. The couples that are not quite sure if they really want to be a couple at all. Day to day it changes. Lovers for life, bitter enemies and back to eternal bliss. The best part is it all plays out online and I get to watch each and every glorious moment. For that, I sincerely thank you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I have spent literally all day watching two people make status after status divulging all the dirty details of one another. I can’t leave out of course, the nudes. I have seen it all. Shaven, bushy, toned and flappy, big and small, I’ve seen them all! Why is that something people do to the one they claimed just yesterday to love so much? Because it’s humiliating to the core. It’s something you shouldn’t be seeing. It’s such a big “fuck you”. Yes, yes. I love it.

So after all this information is out there on the internet, pictures and updates being saved and screenshot, why would these people even consider reconciliation? Surely there is someone out there who would never do this to you for the entire world to see. Maybe even someone without, yes they exist, internet access! Inevitably the next day they’ll post pictures of the happy couple together again, let the bluebirds sing! Rejoice America! Love is in the air once again! No one believes you. We know this will come crumbling down and we will all be counting the seconds until your dirty pictures are once again on our newsfeed. We all talk about it. Openly, in our inbox, it’s being gossiped about. You have no one but you to blame too. Once you hit “post” you made it our business. I for one enjoy it each time it happens. In fact, I encourage you to do so. It sure makes for some damn good reading.



06/18/2014 7:25pm

You rock. LMAO!

06/18/2014 7:32pm

Thank you Heather! This is going to be fun. Yesss.

Lip Dudeu
06/18/2014 7:41pm

Well done when is the next one

06/18/2014 7:47pm

Hoping to have another ready no later than Friday. :-)

06/18/2014 8:07pm

Hell Yeah

06/18/2014 8:09pm

Love the story and your webpage is awesome

06/18/2014 8:53pm

I'm so excited about getting this started. I finally have something to do everyday! Lol.

06/18/2014 8:55pm

Awesome!! I loved it! So funny and true! Great job!

06/18/2014 8:55pm

Haha! Love it!

06/18/2014 8:59pm

Awesome yes you hit the. Ail on the head only thing I don't like is apperantly I missed out on the big twat shots lol

06/18/2014 9:08pm

Good job! Cant wait to read more.

06/18/2014 9:21pm

Thanks everyone! Totally new at this but I write all the time so this is a great way to be seen.

06/18/2014 10:13pm

Love it glad there back

06/18/2014 10:40pm

Good job! You have flair!

06/18/2014 11:01pm

That sounds exactly like some drama I got tagged in on fb last week because I commented on a half naked picture that was of my cousins ex was in and they are the same damn way here today gone tomorrow BK next week but after I commented "gross" on the pic she tagged me in a status and when I commented back putting her in her place she said I was right and started sucking my ass and deleted my comment so no one could see it ......drama drama drama bitches need to keep their damn clothes on and not pass around sluty pictures and this stupid shit wouldn't happen .....

06/18/2014 11:04pm

Lol I got a cousin the same way. I love her, I hate her, here's her boobs! WHY DID YOU LOOK??? lol fun times!

06/19/2014 2:09am

Awesome Job! I always enjoy reading your posts so i know i will love reading these!!! = ) <3

06/19/2014 5:05am

Love it!! More please :)

06/19/2014 5:09am

Get it slk!

06/19/2014 11:01am

Fuck their couch

06/19/2014 8:40pm

Girl you are the best! I know we have never met but no matter how bad of a day I have had I know I can scroll down my news feed and see a post from you and laugh my ass off! 😅😜💜 keep it up! I love it!

06/23/2014 9:39pm

Thanks Sammy! Please keep reading, there will definitely be more rants to come!

06/23/2014 10:15pm

this is great. you have found you new calling. keep em coming, please!


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