As a 33 year old mother of two, I don’t think about dying nearly as much as I probably should. You would think that by now I would have some sort of plan in place in the event that I was to unexpectedly die and leave my family behind, stuck with all of my unpaid debt (and man, there’s some people that have been waiting for some $$). But I don’t dwell on that kind of shit. I’ve got bigger and better things to do, like talk shit on Facebook. Or get through TODAY. What good will tomorrow do me if I end up killed in a car accident today? Recently someone I know turned 72. To celebrate her birthday she decided to go skydiving. I think if she can get over her fear and leap out of a plane at her age, what the fuck is my hold-up? So yes, within a year I will be jumping out of a plane just to jump out of a plane.  I don't want to wait that long but I'll have to save up the cash.......and get my brave on.

        I am so excited to be doing something like this. I am planning to walk halfway across the Brookport Bridge (Big Blue!) sometime this week and to me that is a HUGE deal and I’m already nervous as hell about it. As most of you know I absolutely adore my Big Blue Bridge but I’ve heard crazy stories about walking across it. And I’m super scared of water that contains fish so that is another fear factor I’ll have to deal with. Jumping out of a plane and walking on Big Blue is unlikely going to change the way I feel about heights but I think it would be the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t know hardly anyone other than the one lady who’s ever done this. It’ll definitely be a helluva story to tell! I think some of you should join me. It only runs about $150 to do it. Check off one from your bucket list with me! What do ya say????

            To be continued..................


07/20/2014 1:23am

conquer the bridge 1st susan lol
but seriously the sky diving thing....something i have always thought about. i am not scared of heights but this would scare me...i shall not lie.someone may have to even push me! lmao. i have always thought it would be so cool to do....and i kinda seem to enjoy doing things that scare me. i too would have to save up the cash though.

07/16/2017 5:58am

Congratulations for achieving something that's part of your bucket list. Well, I am sure that all of us would want to experience skydiving. It's really cool and a once in lifetime experience, so why not? As of now, I am still clueless on how to achieve it, but on the right time hopefully I can achieve the very same thing you have achieved. I am so happy for you!

07/20/2014 1:30am

You can't let an old lady out-do us!!!! Let's do it!


Sky diving is really dangerous game and it need a daring heart. There are a lot of sky divers have lost their lives by this game because there is no place for any mistake.

05/09/2017 2:05am

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