Every day on Facebook I read people bitching. Bitching about who said what, why they shouldn’t have and what they should have done instead. Bitching about who’s dating who and why they should or shouldn’t and the always loved and expected (in my case wished for) public shaming. He likes what put where? Haha! Church girl has been with HOW many people? What?!?! Bitching about what you posted, assuming it’s about them (when usually it could really refer to well over a dozen friends) and going on a bitchfest before deleting and blocking you. Facebook is good times my friends, damn good times!

        Personally I love it all. Yes, I might call my sister Angie and make fun of your horrific grammar (I am *kind of* sorry if it offends you but I really can’t help it and I’d never call you stupid for it) but come on guys: there, their, they’re; your and you’re; where, were, wear. These are not that hard to figure out!!! I mean, there’s a reason elementary students are taught this, because it’s easy! Yes, I may call some of you ignorant bitches a whore or a tweaker but it’s most certainly something that qualifies as a guilty pleasure. I love to read it. To be honest if it wasn’t there I’d probably delete my fucking account and that’s the absolute, outright truth. I love nothing more than logging on and scrolling through my newsfeed thinking about how bored I am before suddenly stumbling upon a full-on all-out Facebook war. Absolute bliss. The best ones start out something like this: “I know this is going to piss off some of you but I really don’t care. I’m so sick about seeing blah blah blah…….” And it’s fucking on! If you have the same friends it’s usually not too hard to figure which update/picture they’ve seen that has sent them over the edge and ready for a battle of words. Sometimes it’s because I agree and would have said the same but honestly I like your drama way hella more than my drama. Lol. So, party on Wayne (party on Garth).

        I thoroughly hate when an adult reprimands another adult about the language they have used. “If you continue to use that fowel language your deleted.”- Yes I have actually seen this posted and I promptly deleted the stupid bitch. Honey, until you can spell simple words I really don’t give a fuck what you have to say because honestly I cannot under-fucking-stand your gibberish. So bye, bitch! I’m tired of needing a translator to read your bullshit. Do not, DO FUCKING NOT, tell me or anyone else what language to use. This isn’t BibleBook, which from what I’ve been taught profanity is not a sin. Using the Lord’s name in vain is, and if you have an ugly heart to match the words that come out of your mouth then you’re Hell bound anyway.  I cuss and I cuss a lot but I’m a happy person. You’re not going to be around me and get in to trouble or be sad and depressed and hateful. I’m not about that life (look kids, cool Mom here!). Even when I’m talking shit I’m joking and laughing my ass off. It’s good times! How about if you want to worry about something how about you log off and go take care of your rowdy-ass kids. Kthanxx.

        Until next time blog world……………




07/13/2014 12:35am

as always...good job girl! keep it up!!! = )

05/02/2016 5:23am

This blog is perfect for those kind of people who are sick of bitching people. This habit is really very awful and everyone should aware of these kind of bitching people. This girl really done a great job by giving them a lesson. This blog is best for those who are in vain for such dirty mind people.

06/17/2017 9:51pm

To those who think that being such a bum and sassy person is cool, think again. It may give you confidence and happiness for the short time, but you'll never be genuinely happy if you will keep on doing that. I don't know what are the reasons why they keep on doing that, but what I know is their actions are all wrong is so many levels. I don't really understand those people!


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