You all love blogs about whores so how about another one? I have a lot to say on the subject and not enough sense not to say it. It makes for a good combo. I think it, I write it, you read it. Seems simple enough yet any time I’ve ever written something negative about someone it gets taken the wrong way by someone else. I don’t know if you bitches have a guilty conscience or what but you need to just relax and sit back and enjoy the fucking ride. I’m on here just to have fun and laugh and that’s it. I cannot help it if some of you are always ready for an argument or feel like you have to be on the defense 24/7. It’s not necessary and it’s not cute. You look fucking insane.

       Whore seems to be the golden ticket when it comes to making you bitches paranoid that I’m referring to you. That and drama queen. Believe it or not, I know dozens of whores and dozens of drama queens. You’re not unique. You’re not special. Bitches like you are a dime a dozen and no one desires to try and fit in your shoes. Personally if someone was calling me a whore I’d be like fine, prove it. Show me something, ANYTHING that proves I’m a whore. When someone just gets mad and threatens me over calling them a whore my first thought and only thought is that that person has something out there in cyber/text world that more than validates my claim of that whore being a whore, unless of course they are also a drama queen. Dealing with a theatrical drama queen whore is unbelievably hard to do successfully. You just can't win. They will go on and on about why they do what they do and why it’s none of your business and why you’re wrong for bringing it up and you’re going to regret that one day and blah blah wah blah. It’s fucking ridiculous. Bitch didn’t no one make you lay down and spread your legs and I don’t give a fuck why you did it just fucking knock it the fuck off! You get zero sympathy! You’re a grown-ass woman and it’s time to take ownership of your actions and accept that you’re a dirty whore.

       There are whores who are proud to be whores. They like to say they’re doing nothing different than what guys do so it shouldn’t be a big deal and the only reason why people do make a big deal of it is because they’re women. Wrong. The only difference is that I call men “nasty” instead of whores. There are whores that feel important and pretty because fifty men have seen her nipples and they have plenty of numbers to call if the mood hits but truth is if they were worth more than a blow job they’d have something more than just a number and their name wouldn’t be saved under “Jim from work” in his phone. Bitch, you’re an easy lay. You’re a guaranteed sexual encounter and nothing more. Calm your tits. You’re a nobody.

       Right now at least two people probably thinks this is about them and the honest truth is it’s about no one in particular and everyone in between.  ;-)   I’m just saying. Or typing rather. If you don’t like being referred to as a whore, quit being one. It’s really that easy. As easy as saying “no” when that next guy you think is kind of cute after those four shots of tequila asks you to blow him in the bathroom. No. Say it!

       Until next time……………….




08/03/2014 9:05pm

Awesome as always

08/04/2014 10:00am

Thank you Pete! Glad to know someone enjoyed my ramblings....

11/23/2014 7:23pm

Great could not have said it better


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03/04/2017 6:32am

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05/12/2017 4:54am

At this moment no less than two individuals likely ponders them and the fair truth is it's about nobody specifically and everybody in the middle. ;- ) I'm simply saying. Or, on the other hand writing rather. In the event that you don't care for being alluded to as a prostitute, quit being one. It's truly that simple. As simple as saying "no" when that next person you believe is somewhat charming after those four shots of tequila requests that you blow him in the lavatory. No. Let's assume it!


All of you adore writes about prostitutes so what about another? I have a great deal to state regarding the matter and insufficient sense not to state it. It makes for a decent combo. I think it, I compose it, you read it. Appears to be sufficiently basic yet whenever I've ever composed something negative about somebody it gets gone astray by another person.

06/17/2017 3:55am


06/17/2017 4:25am

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06/17/2017 9:53pm

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07/27/2017 4:42am

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