I haven’t written a blog in a few weeks. I know some of you aware of why. I have been having a lot of problems with my stomach and pain and nausea and numerous other issues. I’ve had a few tests done and they have all pointed to the gallbladder. I went in to the emergency room around 7:00 that evening. I had called my family physician before I went in and was told I would be admitted in case surgery was necessary. So anyways, I get admitted Sunday night and they were talking about surgery Monday morning after my HIDA scan. My first night there was pretty uneventful. The next day was the scan and I’ve never been claustrophobic before but having that huge x-ray machine hovering above me just a few inches from my face certainly changed all that.  Turns out my gallbladder was working just fine and that meant more test needed to be done. Let the fun begin!

        The next day I went for my endoscopy. That was something I was terrified of. They kept telling me not to worry, that it only took maybe five minutes to do the test. Then I would remind them that even though it only took five minutes it was bad enough that they had to put me to sleep for it! They took me to pre-op first to get all the information needed for the anesthesiologist. After that I was taken to the holding area where the test would be done. While I was there a nurse came by and told two of the male nurses to come with her and she was definitely not happy. Next thing I knew I heard a male and a female voice yelling and screaming. Apparently this dude was King Asshole and this nurse was not giving any fucks about it. Lol. It was a good little show and it really did help calm my own nerves. It was a great distraction. Then I was rolled in to the last room where they started the medicine that would take me in to a dream world while they shoved a tube with a tiny camera down my throat. I was so nervous my legs wouldn’t stop shaking and I had tears coming from my eyes even though I was trying to be calm, cool and collected. The doctor told me they were giving me Propofal and the last thing I said was, “Michael Jackson”. Hahaha. I have no idea what the response was.

        I was there three days almost and on the second day I was ready to go home. They were wanting me to stay so they could run a few more tests and make sure nothing major was going on. So I lied. I lied about how bad the pain was, I lied about how much I had eaten (I made visitors eat my food for me) and my lies worked, I was released Tuesday night. Well, there’s my little story of my hospital stay, now on to my regular bitchy, ranting blogs I so love to write!

        Until next time………….  



06/17/2016 5:49am

Life is important and if some one feel pain then he use treatment like person who feel pain in gallbladder, This may resolve if you done proper rest. Although your body is fit now but complete rest is energy and tonic which require by you.

07/16/2017 7:59pm

If there's something you feel that makes everything uneasy, you should tell it to someone as soon as possible. It's a good thing that you were brought to the hospital and had your stomach checked. I am glad to know that you're out of danger now. The next time it will happen to you, tell your mom about it urgently! Don't let worst things happen on you!


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