Adrian Peterson has been in the news quite a bit the last few weeks. I personally never knew who he was, what sport he played, what team he played for or anything about him at all whatsoever until he was accused of child abuse. Since then his name is a top search for Yahoo, Google and Wikipedia. He allegedly beat his four year old with a switch leaving welts on his legs, of which photos of that beating appeared on and other websites. Do I think he went a little too far? Absolutely. Do I think parents today should spank their kids? ABSOLUTELY!

          I feel like Adrian Peterson is truly sorry for his behavior. I think this is something that he and his wife should be dealing with privately. This is not a public matter. Any of you out there with children, can you honestly say you’ve never punished your child a little too harshly? Never screamed a little too loud or maybe hit a little too hard? Thought about things that you knew would hurt and decided to say them anyway? None of us are perfect. All of us have done things we have later regretted, thought things we never imagined would cross our minds, all in the heat of the moment and when chaos was surrounding us and we felt like we had truly lost control of the very people we had created. Parenting can be a real bitch.

          Most of our parents used spanking as punishment. Whether it was with their hand, a switch picked from a tree, or (my Mom’s favorite) a fly swatter, all of us were hit. Most of us behaved better because of it. I have seen some bad-ass kids get some Act Right and start acting right.

          I use to babysit my niece a few years ago. She would get very mad and walk calmly over to my wall, look right at me and bang the shit out of it with her head. A few times she came close to knocking herself out. So I decided to start spanking her. It was just a quick swat, over her diaper, followed by a stern No! and that was it. Eventually she figured it out: Every time she hit her head her ass hurt. It worked. She stopped hitting her head and I stopped having to spank her. What’s your opinion on spanking? If you despise spanking, what sort of punishment works best for you?



Stephanie Thoe
09/22/2014 5:32pm

As I am currently being scrutinized for spanking my son, I absolutely, 100% agree with everything you said. I am very pleased that you bring up the spanking too hard or yelling too loud. Yes, it does happen. I have done this and done it more than once. I am remorseful for the times I have overreacted but I stand firm on the times I disciplined my children and it was effective. I could go on and on but the bottom line is I believe in spanking.


Kids are naturally playful. They can be very stubborn sometimes but it is part of their growing up stage. What you can do is to be patient and understand that it is their nature. Spanking and scolding them the hard way is too much! We are the ones protecting our children from such thing because we are their parents in the first place. Spanking and hurting them in any physical way will not be valid no matter what they do!

Kayla Day
09/22/2014 7:14pm

I was spanked as a child and I turned out just fine, you take a look at most of the assholes now-a-days that have only heard of spanking in the movies and see how awful they turned out to be so with that being said.. When I have children, I will def. spank.

Heather Scott
09/23/2014 12:40pm

Lucas gets spanked. In turn, he is one of the best behaved 2 year olds I've ever met in my life. I'm consistent. I don't let him get away with stuff because he's cute or I wanna be his friend. And that's why he listens and does what he's told:).

07/28/2016 7:35am

The child is making different things which are not in the manners. The moms or baby sitter should make such treatment which is not in the form of punishment. It’s always better to teach them in such manner they did not come against you.


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