Summer is almost over and I for one could not be more excited for school to start. Even though my kids are older they still annoy the ever-loving shit out of me. Just in a more mature (LIE!) way. Everything here at home has been fairly uneventful so let’s just jump straight to current events. First up, that damn lion. I’d be lion (haha I know cheesy as fuck) if I said I gave a damn at all about this controversial killing. I don’t. Animals get shot, it happens. He paid $50,000. He could shoot me for that kind of cash (not kill, just shoot. Let's not get too crazy here). I’m not much of a trophy but the offer still stands. Every day there’s a bitch about something and social media cannot wait to jump on the bandwagon and feel like they have contributed in some way to the changing of the world.  Calm down folks, all you’ve done is slightly distract me for the afternoon. Okay, that’s enough about the lion known around the world (for like, a week?). I cannot believe I even know this motherfucker’s name! #CecilIsDead  #GetOverIt
JUST IN: Cecil's brother, Jericho, has been shot and killed. Why the fuck do I even know this?

            Now on to the Trump, yes yes, the Donald. The Hair. The terrible, awesome hair. Will I vote for this arrogant rich bitch? Never! Will I watch him give   interviews and speeches that infuriate everyone in the audience? Umm, hell yes! What can I say; this dude knows how to entertain easily amused people like myself. Two enthusiastic thumbs up, asshole.

            Well this is short and sweet; more short than sweet. Today is a most beautiful day here in Southern Illinois and I’m about to take my super cheerful self outside and see what kind of shenanigans I might be able to get in to. I have another blog I’ve started on that I’ll be finishing and posting this evening or in the morning. Hope some of you will read it!



The last year of the school is called good bye of the school. Especially if we talk about the last day of the school has more effective for us. If the students has passed the last day in his school. He feels too much sadness and too much unhappy for the cause of the living of the school.

05/27/2016 9:00am

The last day of the school before of the summer season. Every educational institute gives the holidays due to the coming of summer season. Students want to take rest due to the maximum summer.

12/08/2016 10:11am

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