1.    This one is kinda obvious, as in I assume everyone likes this: honesty. I don’t mind the occasional white lie but don’t be a dick about the big stuff. Did you take my lighter? Not a big deal. Did you steal my wallet? Bitch, I’m gonna find out. Exactly how hard do you want me to hate you? See the difference?

2.    Dogs. I mean, I like cats too but if I had to run in to a burning building and these are on opposite sides of said building, I’m grabbing that puppy and I’m fucking bookin’ it. #TeamGrumpyPuppy  #AllTheWay

3.    Breaking Bad. As much as I despise what meth has done to the people I love, I cannot stop loving this show. Even though it’s over. I actually didn’t even start watching it until the series ended. I always like the cool shit when everyone else is already diggin’ it and the new has worn off a little.

4.    Reading. I started out reading gossip/celebrity magazines that my Dad use to buy. I think the first thing I ever fully read was probably a National Enquirer. Lol.  My kids also started out the same way, except their magazines included In Touch and People. The first book I ever loved was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It was required reading for 8th grade English and I have never been happier to do my homework. I read everything and anything now. Books, magazines, pamphlets, how-to instructions to things I have absolutely no intentions of ever attempting to assemble, etc. If I can see it, it’s getting read.

5.    Writing. Some like what I do and some think I’m a fucking moron. I just do it because I like to do it. I have a thousand thoughts always running through my head and when I was younger there really wasn’t many ways for me to get out what I was feeling. Writing is awesome because I don’t have to force anyone to listen and no one can interrupt me. I like pushing buttons too so typing is hella fun for me. #ItsTheLittleThings

6.    Reality TV. I know, it’s ruining America but I don’t really care, I fucking love it. Nothing is better than being front row to a full-blown train wreck right from the comfort of my couch/bed. Sign me up!

7.    Camel Crush Menthol Lights. I love popping that poppy thing and the goodness that follows. I know smoking is bad for me and I’ll quit one day but for now, this is my shit.

8.    The Los Angeles Clippers. They are my dudes!  I was really pissed off when we got rid of Matt Barnes and almost lost Deandre but we pulled our shit together and kept DJ and added Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson.  We have one helluva solid fucking team right now. I'm excited to see how this season coming up goes down.  I really wish Brookport would get an NBA team and they would move here. Lol. Dream on…..

*By the way, we’re kicking ass in the 2016 Finals.

9.    Texting. I hate answering phone calls so much! I have this major awkwardness about me and I tend to get tongue-tied quite easily so it’s just easier to text you so I can see it first before making a complete fool of myself. Please quit calling me. That’s why I have texting in the first damn place. Besides, I’m not going to answer anyway.

10.  Walgreens. Because it’s not Walmart, not even close and it has everything I need to grab. Fuck Walmart to the highest power. Just stepping in Walmart makes me want to punch a newborn right in the face. Everyone in there is an asshole and no one knows how to behave like decent human beings. What in the hell is wrong with this place? Can anyone tell me?

Tomorrow I’ll do Ten Thing I Don’t Like. Seems logical.



07/13/2016 5:59pm

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09/07/2016 3:15pm

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