I love our local news anchors but this has got to be one of my favorite moments. Robert Bradfield  can not deal with this pig's name. The other is for sure when Mike Mallory was talking about celebrity birthdays and yelled Samuel L. Jackson's because THAT IS THE WAY HE TALKS!


04/13/2016 8:26am

Thanks for share.

06/02/2016 12:50am

This video is a blooper but I am touched with what they did for the pig. Giving the two legged pig a chance to walk with the help of the wheels is such a compassionate act and a brilliant idea. We, humans can learn from this animal about being resilient and determined to live a normal life despite the defects. We should not let our imperfections get in the way of our dreams and happiness. Like the pig, even if we lack resources we can still do a lot, like getting a good education, landing a great job and live the life we've always wanted.

06/04/2016 3:55am

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07/23/2016 11:57am

This has got to be one of my favorite moments too!


It is a cool! Never seen anything like it!

11/23/2016 12:03pm

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