I haven’t blogged in a while so I’m just going to cover a few things I’ve been obsessing about. In this blog I’ll be discussing everything from Caitlyn Jenner to the Charleston church massacre to the NBA Finals/Playoffs to dude who claims he found a chicken-fried “rat” in his KFC meal and more. I have a little to say about a lot, so how about we get this party started and let the bitching and such begin?

    I want to start off with Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Jenner for some of you. I don’t care what you want to call her; to each his own. I however, do want to refer to her as “she” so I’m going to. I never really cared for Bruce. I am kinda/sorta ashamed to admit how much I watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” but I do and Bruce was never a favorite of mine; same goes for Kris. I really, truly despise this woman and what she represents. Kris is a total control-freak mega-manager-monster. I mean, this demonic female essentially sold her daughter’s vagina for the general public to see and masturbate to. That’s fucking sick! She makes all members of the family appear in nightclubs and malls for a small paycheck which she then gets a cut of. Rob was smart and got super fat and now Kris is allowing him to fall back in the shadows and I hope he knows how fucking lucky he is for it. Don’t be depressed homeboy, enjoy that shit! Your mom is a fucking lunatic! #EatMoreFoodsRob  #EatAllTheFoodsRob

    Bruce was such a whipping boy. Whatever Kris wanted him to do, he did. The only thing he’d flip out over was when she would want him to get his hair cut. Lol. I don’t think it’s I didn’t like Bruce so much as I couldn’t respect him. He was the Kardashian’s little bitch/puppet. Something was always off about him but I just chalked it up to him being on auto-Kardashian all the time. They’re an odd group. Rich, yes. Famous, very much so yes but odd for sure. I was absolutely shocked when he came out as transsexual. I honestly had no idea this would be his secret, that all along this could be what made him appear to be such an awkward, weird and weak person. As soon as it was revealed everything about him seemed to make more sense to me. There is such a look of contentment on her face. She’s lost that creepy look Bruce always seems to be wearing when he was still married. I love Caitlyn. I love that she seems happy. I love that she has so many people upset. I love that she refused to spell her name using a “K” to further distance herself from the Kardashian klan. You don’t have to like it or accept it. You’re more than welcome and encouraged to think for yourself and feel the way you want to feel about it. My opinion is the only one that truly matters to me. <3

    Now on to the saddest news I’ve heard in a while, the Charleston church shooting. The most sickening thing I’ve read is how he said he almost couldn’t go through with the shooting because everyone in the church had been so nice to him while he was there. I don’t think there is anything worse he could have said. It would have been easier to have him say they were rude to him; they shunned him when he walked through the front doors; they were whispering awful things about him as he sat in the pew minding his own business. I wish he would have said those things. Instead he chose to make himself more of a monster than most of us could have ever imagined. He shot these people not because they taunted him or threatened him; not because they were bad people who deserved the fear and pain he was about to deliver. He shot them because he was a cold-blooded murderer; a violent psychopathic racist who wanted to inflict as much terror and agony as he could unto people who were only guilty of having an appearance that he did not approve of.  Not one of the people murdered or injured died because they were bad people. They died simply for the color of their skin and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    This church has responded beautifully, which is something that surprised some. Recent events around the country have most citizens accustomed to using violence when confronting violence. Let Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church be an example to the rest of us. Instead of displaying any sort of hate and anger towards him (I will not give him any more fame by using his name) they have been exceptionally graceful. They offered forgiveness immediately and they just kept praying. They did just as I would hope any church would do, although I wouldn’t have blamed them if they had went on a verbal rampage after the inexcusable, malicious attack materialized at their place of worship and to members of their congregation. Reverend Nelson Rivers III gave a riveting sermon three days after the destruction took place. He knows that members are afraid to come back but like he said “If you are trying to find a good place to die, a church is about as good as any”.

    I do not want this maniac to speak for me or any white person I know. Some are trying to say he shouldn’t be eligible for the death penalty because he is clearly a mentally-disturbed individual. I agree this motherfucker has to be crazy; no sane person would shoot up a church full of innocent people we had never met before. Of course he’s nuts BUT I think being crazy should not be an excuse to kill and get away with it. I know a lot of crazy people that don’t kill people or have the desire to. I think it’s a terrible fucking thing to think Andrea Yates, who drowned her five children in the bath tub in their Texas home, is free to live her life because this crazy bitch was crazy when she wrestled her 8 year old so she could put his head under water and didn’t have to fight her six month old at all to do the same to her. Then the same was done to her three middle kids. Fuck her. Cut her head off on the court square and I’ll pay to watch. Same for the low-life church shooter. Fuck him and fuck anyone who agrees with him or his psycho-babble reasoning for doing what he’s done.

    Now let’s lighten the subject/blog a little bit with some basketball talk. Not much to say really. I knew the Golden State Warriors had this. They had too good of a season to not win the ring in the end. Lebron “King James” did a helluva job in the series though. I don’t give a fuck if you like him or not, he could’ve had that ring if their team had been 100%. Lebron is one of the best leaders of a team. He knows how to motivate. Those injuries fucked them up. For sure there would’ve been a Game 7. Definitely. As for my Los Angeles Clippers, I cannot believe we had the series 3-1 and fucked that up and lost it!!!! Why oh why did Basketball Jesus allow this to happen to me??? I’m glad we sent home last year’s champs, the San Antonio Spurs, before being sent home ourselves by the Houston Rockets who ended up being sent home by Curry and the Warriors. The Clippers just acquired Lance Stephenson after trading Matt Barnes and Spencer Hawes for him. Here’s hoping this change-up helps my boys out and we at least make it to the semi-finals/conference finals in 2016! #GoClippersGo  #ClipperNation

    Now the dude who claimed he bought some fried chicken from KFC and to his shock and surprise he found what appeared to be a deep-fried rat/mouse in his meal. I've seen the photo and yeah, it does resemble a mouse that's been battered and cooked crispy. Then I saw a photo where he had taken a bite. There's no fucking way it's a mouse. Unless it had no hair, guts or bones in it and it looked just like fried chicken. Get the fuck outta here dude. You tried to fool a company in to paying you some quick cash and you fucked it up and you fucked it up bad. I'm really hoping you're a stoner who just smoked some good green and was like, duuuude, I need money. Hey this looks like a rat, duuuuude, call 'em up let's fucking get paid!

    One last thing I want to talk about it this ignorant bitch Rachel Dolezal. I do not understand what the hell is wrong with her or how she thought she would be able to get away with that bullshit lie. Anyone in any position of power of any kind should know that if you have any skeletons in your closet they’re going to be coming out right when you don’t want them to. People love to fuck up someone else’s good time. Now she just needs to shut the fuck up and hire a lawyer to remind her to keep doing this. The more she talks the more I hate her. Not because she’s a liar but because she’s so dumb! The only thing she should be saying is “I know I fucked up and I’m sorry” and that’s it, nothing else!

    Well, that’s all out of my system. I cannot think of anything else that’s on my mind. Thanks to any and all that have read this entire blog. I really do appreciate anyone taking the time to click on here and snoop through the pages. The best thing about blogging is being able to sit on my bed with the air conditioner blowing in to the fan blowing in to my face while bitching about how hot it is outside. I’ll be writing again tomorrow. See you then!

Stoner Flick Countdown! I had to do a dozen, because a dozen sounds nice and I got tired of thinking so you get whatcha got. Hope you all enjoy it! So here we go....

12. Knocked Up. An earthquake hits, what do you save: your pregnant girlfriend or your glass bong? GLASS BONG! If your girl falls that bitch isn't going to bust into a million pieces!!!

11. Reefer Madness. Completely ridiculous. Unintentionally hilarious.

10. Blow. "I crossed an imaginary line with a bunch of plants."
"The line you crossed was real and the plants you brought with you were illegal."
Okay, so it's mostly about cocaine but George and Tuna started out as the Ganja Kings of Manhattan Beach.

9. Our Idiot Brother. He sells weed. To a cop. In uniform on the job.

8. Dazed and Confused. Got a joint? It'd be a lot cooler if you did....

7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Spicoli is the typical high school stoner. Except cooler because dude ordered a pizza during class.

6. Harold and Kumar. Best Day Ever checklist?
A. Buy weed
B. Smoke weed
C. Find FOOD!!!!!

5. Pineapple Express. The top five picks are simply great, great films. On weed. James Franco is the sexiest, dirtiest pot dealer ever to have lived.
"It's like killing a unicorn.....with like, a bomb."

4. Friday. "I know you don't smoke weed; I know this, but I'm gonna get you high today. Cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!"

3. Half Baked. I have seen this movie a thousands times, no lie. And I will watch it a thousand more.
"When life gets hard I pick up that card with a smiley face, call him over to my place."

2. Up In Smoke. Is where my money goes. In my lungs and sometimes up my nose. When troubled times begin to bother me, I take a toke and all of my cares, go up in smoke. <3

I. Fucking. Love. This. MOVIE!!!! Everything about it is awesome and I laughed my ass off start-to-finish. This movie totally made state cops the coolest motherfuckers I never wanna meet. Starting right meow.

There it is! What would you put on that list? TELL ME! I may have forgotten a good one. Actually, I know I have!


     Every day for the last week I have seen on my Facebook where someone has posted their opinion about fast-food workers and whether or not they should receive a salary increase to that of $15 an hour. I worked in fast-foodish places nearly my entire adult life. My first job was at a local Chuck E. Cheese when I was 16 in Paducah, Ky. I think minimum wage at that time was somewhere around $4.75 an hour, however I'm not totally sure of that number. I was a waitress, a cashier, a birthday party hostess/coordinator and yes, I had to dress up as that fucking mouse. That bastard, asshole-fuck mouse. I got my ass kicked almost every time I put that thing on. I am currently 34 and stand at a staggering four feet, ten AND A HALF inches. So some of the kids that were running around in there being complete assholes were as tall as me or taller. And they were brutal. I was kicked, smacked, spit on and pushed all the time. I hated that damn costume. I would stare at faces when I was wearing it and remember who the worst ones were and then I would, well.........we'll not visit that right now. And I did it all for under five bucks an hour. I should've made hundreds. Fuck you, Chuck E. , Billy Bob was always better! SHOWBIZ RULES!
    After three years of that fun I worked at a Dairy Queen. Once again, the pay was terribly low, minimum wage being the only wage I ever received. The job was easy enough: flip burgers, add cheese, slap on a bun and give it to some of the rudest people I've ever encountered. When you work jobs like this there are always going to be those kind of people who come in and treat you like the piece of shit you are being paid like. People who will scream at you for adding one too many or one too few pickles. People who will flip the absolute fuck out because you forgot to put that fucking "q" on top of their ice cream cone they paid a whopping 99 cents for. People who literally have their noses up in the air, looking down on you. And the whole time you'll be praying for a rain storm so those snotty motherfuckers will drown.
    I've worked in a grocery store, a nursing home and a gas station. All low paying jobs and dealing with the general public. I have been cursed out. I have been degraded and I have cried, yes cried, at some of the vile things that have been said to me. Now do I think fast-food workers deserve $15 an hour?  FUCK NO. Not one fucking tiny bit of me thinks so. Why? Let me tell you the jobs that make less than that that are indeed much much harder and deserving of such an increase for the duties they perform:

    -CNA's wipe asses, touch other people's shit, lift patients in and out of wheelchairs and beds, deal with patients that are mentally disturbed and sometimes violent, get attached to some even though you know they are leaving this Earth soon and make around and less than $10 an hour. Really?
    -Paramedics will literally save your life while you scream, cuss and kick at them and make the same.
    -Child Care Providers take care of your bratty, spoiled, crying, pooping, puking babies for minimum wage. Kids that are totally defiant and yelled at when at home are sometimes treated better by these people. I have seen some real assholes in a daycare/school and these people that are working in there are, zen as fuck and like, "Everything's cool, I see you're a little upset and sad, let's have a snack and talk about your feelings sweetheart".Never would I ever.......accept this fucking job. Ever.
    -Farm laborers who spend long days lifting bales of hay, taking care of livestock and using machinery that can and often does lead to work-related injuries and death.

    That's just a small taste of what sort of workers that are currently receiving minimum wage and absolutely should not be! Flip those fucking burgers you lazy bitch and suck it up, buttercup! The day you are surrounded by human feces is the day you can complain about Jimmy Jack Joe calling you a dumb bitch. Really!
I know it's bad to lie. This is taught all through one's life, that lying is bad and should be avoided at any and all cost. Don't lie to anyone under any circumstances! There is never a good reason to lie! Well, I absolutely, one hundred percent disagree with that. I do think there are appropriate times to fib a little. Well, maybe a lot. Lol. Let me explain: if someone will be hurt physically and/or emotionally due to the lie that is being told then no, don't fucking do it! However, if this lie hurts no one and is done without causing any damage whatsoever then please, PLEASE just lie to me! For example if you've never had a girlfriend and you're 32 it's totally okay to not say anything about this while searching for love online. That's just not something you should put out there because as a female let me just say that if a guy I was even remotely interested in was to say something like that
my first thought/question is going to be something along the lines of, "What the fuck is wrong with this guy and what did he do to make women run from him in the first damn place." See, it's just information that isn't needed. You don't need to say that. It makes you
seem pathetic and downright desperate and honey, no woman wants to be a hero. We want to save puppies and abused children, not a full-grown functioning man-baby. If you must post about how lonely you are every single fucking night please hide that shit from any girl you may be interested in and friends with. She doesn't get turned on by your sadness. No woman wants to fuck a man she feels sorry for. Women want to feel special and when you post that sad shit all of us feel like you would literally sleep with ANY woman that gave you form of attention at all. NOT CUTE! When that urge to post that "woe is me" hits you remind yourself JUST SAY NO! DON'T FUCKING DO IT!!! I know it seems tempting and you may think that some awesome, beautiful female might read it and start swooning for you but don't do it!!!

Remember back to when that dumb bitch from Facebook with a blog told you that you sound like a pathetic, whiny bitch and considering all the whining you've done hasn't worked maybe, just maybe that dumb bitch was right.  ;)
            We all know that stealing is wrong, not just legally but morally as well. We’ve been taught from a young age that you just cannot take something from someone or somewhere that is not yours. We learned this by being at a friend’s home and trying to take a toy with us, by going in to a grocery store and grabbing a piece of candy and shoving it in our mouth/pocket or when at Grandma’s house and attempting to take off with a trinket. Immediately we were scolded and reminded that stealing was wrong. Stealing starts out innocently enough but the older you get the better you understand just how wrong it is. Most of us have a conscious and stealing eats away at us until the matter is corrected or we simply never do it and never have anything to have to correct. Yet some people have never developed that mentality; never matured enough to know you only get what you work for and earn.

          There are various ways to steal, some not as bad as others. Now let me clarify: STEALING IS WRONG. Yet stealing from a large corporation is indeed different than stealing from your friends, your parents or a church. Stealing from individuals to me is much more malicious and evil. When you steal from a large store they usually have insurance to assist in getting some profit back; but to steal from one person can be extremely damaging to them both short and long-term. A short-term affect would be not being able to buy gas that day but a long-term could mean a missed mortgage payment and once you get a little behind on something like that it’s easy to get behind a lot. I had money stolen from me that contained my mortgage payment and I almost lost my home as a result. Dirty fucking bitches. I get satisfaction out of seeing how miserable they still live today. Thank you, karma.

          Yesterday there was a segment on a local news station about a man and woman who had collected funds from various churches in order to help while her young son, who was allegedly going blind, was still in the hospital in another city. It turns out her kid is fine, not sick nor going blind. She requested money for traveling and food expenses and received money on several occasions. What kind of sick, twisted bitch are you to steal from a church? This is exactly why people who need the help are unable to receive it; because people like this are draining the funds and leaving none for those truly in need. Sadly she most likely won’t serve much, if any, jail time.

          I’m also disgusted at the abuse of services like Toys For Tots and similar programs. I’ve seen so many couples sign up for this and use the money they should but refuse to spend on their own children turn around and use it on themselves for extravagant phones, car stereos and other bullshit not needed. My husband and I are not wealthy by any means. We literally are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Despite this we have managed to provide our children with an absolutely outstanding Christmas as well as cook our annual dinner for the family. Sure, we’ve had to go without some things we wanted for ourselves but sometimes you’ve got to suck it up and get shit done. I’m not saying everyone abuses these organizations, I’m just saying it does indeed happen and it’s fucking disgusting. If you can get yourself a ton of shit for Christmas but not buy one damn thing for your kid then something is fucking wrong with this picture! Getting gifts given to you that you don’t really need is STEALING! Oh and it’s a small town and all news travels fast, we all know you didn’t buy all that shit you took pictures of and posted all over Facebook. We all know those that donated did. You’re fucking welcome, you ungrateful, repulsive thief. I feel bad for the kids caught in the middle. They have no idea mommy and daddy would rather have the newest Xbox games as opposed to buying them simple, cheap gifts that would make any kids more than happy on Christmas morning.

          Some people can only be trusted when they’re asleep and even then you worry they’re dreaming about their next quest of thieve-ary. Well, I guess I’ve got this rant thing out of my system. I feel much better now. How about you?

       I don’t get why females act like they’ve really done something with their lives when they ‘steal’ someone’s man for an hour at a time. I mean really, what have you got? A dude who only wants to touch your tits, get it in and then get the fuck out. You special motherfucker, you! He loved you a lot for fifteen minutes, didn’t he? Now he’s on his way home, with his money, and you’re left there thinking how much you’ve got him wrapped around your finger. Keep him there; just send me his checks, k bitch? Really though what do you think you’ve accomplished? I know guys that are so slutty they’d sleep with a German Sheppard if it was legal (haha I know one that was rumored to have had such an meeting with a canine). Yuck times a million.

       You act like giving a dude a boner is some major achievement, as if every dude doesn’t wake up with a hard-on already. Congrats bitch, you did the same thing that could be done if he were to take a nap. You win! Dudes get excited for no reason. You could ask him to take out the trash and some asshole will get turned on because men are men and their dicks just don’t give a fuck about yo’ feelings. No, not all men. Just 90% of them. You bitches are no better than they are. Just because they’ll put it anywhere doesn’t mean you should let them. “I’m just doing what the guys are doing why is that so wrong” , bitch, it’s not wrong it’s just fucking nasty. The guys that do it aren’t cute either. I know of several guys that would have themselves an excellent spouse but their past adventures totally made that impossible. For example I knew a chic who was really interested in this dude who was actually pretty hot but then she heard who he’d slept with and she was like nooooo, just no. I don’t want what that bitch has but thanks! And they would’ve been the perfect couple but he just had to stick it in some skank whore’s vag and ruin all chances. Hope your five minute encounter was worth a lifetime of rejection from decent females.

       I just don’t get what is so special feeling about enticing a man that would never fully be yours. How does it make you feel worth anything to be with a man that clearly only want one thing from you and that’s your pussy, not your heart. What’s so exciting about being a “side piece”? Can anyone explain this to me
          Sunday, November 17, 2013 started out like any other typical lazy Sunday here in Massac County, Illinois. I woke up and started some coffee, poured me a bowl of cereal and turned on the tv. As I’m watching the television I heard my mother call for me (she lives in the back portion of our home) and I got up and went to her. Our dog had been acting weird the night before and I was sure she was in the beginning stages of labor. She in fact was and had delivered one pup and was about to have another. I knew that day was going to be different than most regular Sundays, was going to be special, I just didn’t know that it would go from such a joyous and exciting day to a historically, terribly sad and destructive one. In my very own home new lives were beginning and just down the road a life would be taken along with two others in town.

          From what I recall the weather was fairly calm that morning. Nothing notable or standing out to recall. I cannot remember if it was dreary or sunny. I am not sure if the wind was blowing or if it was drizzling. It was just, nothing to notice. I was aware that we had a chance for thunderstorms but I didn’t think anything severe was really expected. I loved storms. Watching them roll in, seeing the dark clouds come across the hill and our pond, and seeing the wind whip around and spinning the treetops. It was mesmerizing. I would track the storms around our area for hours at a time online anxious for when it would reach us. This day however I was not watching and waiting. I was completely unaware of the dangerous system that would develop and hit later in the day and totally unprepared for the devastation it would inflict on our small community.

          Brookport is a small rural town in extreme Southern Illinois sitting right across the river from Paducah, Kentucky and south of Metropolis, Illinois. No stoplight. No stop sign on the main highway (S Hwy 45). We had a bank but it’s now closed. There’s a small grocery store and a new convenience store, a funeral home, a small library and a few other little shops. There’s a park close to the floodwall in city limits and of course lots of little churches. We’re just a tiny town but I think most of us like it. I personally love living here and I’m never, ever moving away. Like, ever. Born and raised and staying and smiling. This is home. I grew up on South U.S. Highway 45 and lived on the property for 30 years before moving out to Unionville for the last almost 4 years now. The Ohio River is a few miles down the road. It’s mostly cornfields and cows out here. Everyone knows everyone, if not by name then by face. We have been through terrible floods from the Ohio River and a horrible ice storm just a few years ago that crippled the region and knocked out power for a week (even longer for some residents) but nothing could have possibly prepared us for what we would face a year ago today.  

          The official time given for the tornado is 2:20pm. As for specific times of actual events, I’m just not sure. I cannot remember. I know we had several puppies born by 1 that afternoon. I was busy messing with them and not really paying attention to the local weather. I’m usually online but I hadn’t been most of the day and when I was it was short so I didn’t have a chance to really catch any postings about anything serious headed our way. I put the pups back in with their mom and hopped online for a few. I saw something about storms but skipped over thinking it was just routine fall weather. I browsed for a bit then I noticed dark clouds over the hill on Independence Road, looking west. I told Vince and we stepped out on our back porch and looked up at the clouds. We could hear the tornado sirens going off in the distance but we weren’t necessarily concerned or alarmed as they go off any time a tornado warning is issued, which is several times yearly around area. However, when we looked up above us we could see the clouds moving, literally rotating. I have never seen actual rotation but this is the only way to describe the way the sky was moving above us. We went in the house and my phone is going off with Facebook notifications and text messages. At this time we turn the channel to a local station, WPSD, and saw there was a tornado on the ground in Brookport. Then our satellite signal went out and the television screen went black.

          I did not panic at this moment. I was full of adrenaline and went back outside to see what was happening in the sky. The moment I stepped out it started to rain and I had to go back in and it was then that I started to really worry. I felt safer when I thought I had a little control over the situation, believing that by being able to see the tornado coming at me would have helped me get better prepared rather than it sneaking up on me. You always see in the movies how tornadoes are easily visible and never think about how many are rain-wrapped and hidden. The wind was picking up and getting strong forcing the trees to bend and the rain was blowing sideways and it was nearly impossible to see anything outside of our window. I was getting nervous when all of a sudden the chaos outside completely stopped and it was totally quiet outside. The rain stopped and the wind died down. I’ve always heard about the ‘calm before the storm’; when the air outside gets eerily still right before a tornado strikes and wreaks havoc. I was standing in our hallway frozen for a few seconds with fear and panic trying to quickly figure out where to put everyone that would be away from windows and anything that could crush them. Right as we got everyone up and moving the winds picked back up but not as bad as they were at first. It started raining again, and it was just, over.

          I grabbed my phone and started reading through my texts. It was a lot of “are you okay?”, “What’s going on out there?” and “Where are you?”. Then the other texts began to come in. Texts telling about the homes destroyed, about the missing and about those both confirmed and feared dead. We finally got our satellite signal back and started seeing the coverage of the tornado path. It was surreal to see this town, my home, totally devastated. We stepped back out onto our back porch and looked up to the sky and all around our yard and it just felt different out there, the air felt thick and heavy. We jumped in my car and headed down Hamletsburg Road towards Mt Sterling Road. At the stop sign we were stopped by emergency vehicles. We saw the field across the road was packed with vehicles, people who had responded almost immediately to start helping find survivors and assist the injured. We saw insulation and remnants of what was once a home scattered all around: in the trees, in the road, in the field, everywhere.  It then started to really sink in for me; this was real, this had happened.  I had a feeling of dread deep in my gut. We turned around and went back home to watch the coverage on our local station.

          Shortly after returning home we heard news about three dead in our area, two in Brookport and one in Unionville. This was the worst possible news for our community. Being as it is a very small town you are bound to know those who had passed away and we were on edge waiting to hear who those three were. I know for a fact that a lot of us that day were full of fear and anxiety while we waited to hear news about family and friends, neighbors and coworkers. Just a week before Thanksgiving and people were forced to start all over, some without any belongings whatsoever, some in the hospital recovering from broken bones, severe cuts and bruises and other injuries and some without loved ones who perished in the storm.

          The three people from our area who lost their lives due to injuries received by the storm on November 17, 2013 were Kathy George of Brookport, Scholitta Burrus of Brookport and Robert Harmon of Unionville. One death would have been one too many but three was an unbelievable and overwhelming loss for our community.

          The days that followed were very difficult for all of us. My first trip down Unionville Road traveling towards Brookport tore my heart out of my chest. Mt Sterling, Shady Grove and Dornbush Road all received severe and total destruction of homes and vehicles. Back on Unionville Road I was driving by the mobile home of someone I have known since I was a kid and as I drove by I see that the home was not there. It did not look like winds had torn it apart, it looked like a bomb had went off and the place exploded into tiny bits and pieces. I could not believe my eyes. I was crying so hard I had to pull my car over for a second. Across the street another mobile home was flipped upside down and would remain sitting there on its roof for weeks to come. Down the road from that a silo was twisted and mangled in a patch of woods. Inside Brookport city limits the destruction was shocking and made me sick with heartache. Neighborhoods were completely wiped out and were unrecognizable. The elementary school was spared and only received minor damage but right behind it homes were a total loss. Nearly the entire city’s roads had some sort of debris strewn across it. Insulation was scattered about and tangled in the trees. People were walking and driving around with frowns on their faces and a lot of us were in tears. This was a community in mourning and in shock.

          It was incredible to see everyone come together nearly immediately following the event to help one another dig out personal belongings, collect food and clothes for those without and set up temporary shelters for animals misplaced during the storm. I have never seen such an outpouring of support like I did in those days after the storm. People from all over our area came to help out and remove debris. For all of the sadness and despair we experienced in those days I think most of us also experienced an extreme sense of pride in our community and residents. Family, friends and strangers all came out and worked side by side to lend a helping hand. Hot food was served to those who were homeless. Groceries, toiletries, clothing and toys were collected at several locations throughout the county and beyond. Everyone chipping in a little added up to a lot.

          Now here we are a year later. 365 days have passed since the storm hit and every day I see more and more of our town making improvements and starting to turn in to the place it used to be. New mobile homes have been moved in, homes are being built, trees have been trimmed and flowers have been replanted. The feed store that was around for so many years is not there anymore after being destroyed and I really have to say I might miss that place the most. I went in there so many times with my parents while I was growing up and it’s just sentimental to me. It’s nice to drive through Brookport and Unionville and see everything returning to normal, the debris and destruction the storm left behind slowly begin to fade in to a memory. There’s still damage around town, bits and pieces to remind us of how far we have come from that historic day. Things will never be the same around here. When the tornado sirens go off now once a month for testing it makes our hearts flutter. Severe weather watches are panic-inducing for some. Kids are stricken with fear and tears fall when the alarms go off. We are certainly more prepared now. Day by day we continue to improve and I am so proud of the people in our small town.

          Relationships are fun; learning about each other, exploring each other and everyone’s current day favorite- the official Facebook declaration that you’re now together and in love forever and ever. Awwwwwwwwz. If you’re lucky this will last a few weeks, occasionally more before this relationship is over and you’re on to your next victim. First the rest of us are subjected to multiple couples selfies a day, the “I love you, no I love you more” updates and all the other lame shit that being in love requires in social media-ville. Thanks guys, we all adore how you are sitting leg-to-leg on the couch yet making a special effort to let each other know online that you love his face so fucking much. Really, thanks! Gahhh. No I will not like your status, none of us do.

          I’m not saying not to show your love for one another ever just maybe limit it to once or twice a day. Any more should be done in inbox, or *gasp* face-to-face! Otherwise you’ll be another bitch whose newsfeed I have to hide so I don’t feel the uncontrollable need to vomit or rant. I get it. You love this asshole with all of your heart (and your vagina). Okay. Now shut the fuck up about it. Most of you do this shit once a month or better and we all know it’s not going to last. It’s simply too much too fast. You start dating one day and IMMEDIATELY you love them, are going to get married and have your poor child calling the dude Daddy. Why not see how it’s going to go before involving an innocent bystander such as your kid? I’ve seen kids who have called almost a dozen men “daddy” and it’s infuriating for those of us watching this train wreck. I mean, you can look back on someone’s newsfeed and see a pattern: they are head over heels one day and bitter enemies the next. Before getting involved with someone how about you take the time to do a little research? The best indicator of how someone will behave in the future is how they’ve behaved in the past. Google that bitch, bitch!

          Another “Oh hell no” moment with relationships on Facebook is the relationships that go back and forth, over and over again. When you love them it’s all rainbows and hearts and you want everyone you know to love them too. When it’s over you expect those same people to turn that off and hate them as hard as you do but now I like this asshole more than I like you. You get bitches to bad-mouth this person only to shut them out once you’ve reconciled because now you know how they “really feel” and you ain’t having no one talk shit bout yo man! Bitch what?!?!  Is this real motherfucking life? I’ve learned just to keep my mouth shut and be more observer than participator. Because you bitch……you are fucking crazy. And I never trust crazy.

          My personal favorite is when females change their last names online to that of their current dick-of-the-moment. One day you log on and this bitch is nowhere to be found. Why? Did she delete her account or block you? No? Oh wait, there she is and now she has a new last name. Did this bitch get married overnight? Nope, she just edited her name and proven why everyone thinks she’s an idiot when she’s in love. Why do females do this? Some of you have had eight different last names. Do you even remember what your name is today? I sure as fuck don’t!

          What kind of shit do you see on social media that pisses you off or makes you laugh at, not with, a bitch?  

          It’s weird how something isn’t anything until it happens to a celebrity. Merica! Getting a blow job at work from some young, dumb bitch? Never happens. Overdose on heroin? Only in white trash-ville. Bipolar? Not really real, just get happy and stay happy! These are things we keep quiet, never telling anyone because we think or know that we’ll be shunned in the community, categorized with people we feel are completely different from us, never knowing how alike so many of us truly are. The death of comedian Robin Williams has shoved depression in to the forefront and has shown us that even the seemingly happiest of people are capable of hiding a sadness so deep that the first time we hear of the struggle is through their death by their own hand. Why did he do it? No one but him will ever know, and dead people don’t talk.

          Depression has been a part of my life nearly all of my life. I was depressed before I even knew what depressed was. My first experience at school wasn’t a good one and wouldn’t improve for many years. The only friends I had didn’t go to school with me so I spent a lot of time alone, just watching everyone. A dear friend passed when I was in the sixth grade and that was the moment I had to leave that school. I saw no one but me mourning his death and I did nothing to defend him because I was afraid of being the center-of-attention and being mocked for it. I transferred schools that year. Whether it was the guilt from allowing people to make fun of him (and one of those who did so is in fact a school teacher now *shudder*) or the anger I felt at them for being so insensitive I’m not sure. But that was it. I left and never once regretted it.

          My mother was depressed around the same time, hospitalized and yet still I never told a soul. I suffered with the confusion and worry alone, not wanting the attention which I was sure would be negative and also not wanting to be a problem. I won’t go in to many details on here but it was partially due to the death of her best friend. My mother received help yet to this day still struggles. I’m not sure anyone can ever be completely cured of it. I’m also not sure we don’t all suffer from it. I think everyone is depressed but some of us just stay that way.

          I feel very strongly about suicide. I don’t like it, I think it’s a disgusting word. I hate it. It permanently guarantees that no solution to a problem will ever occur. It takes away someone who should by all means still be here. This doesn’t mean I hate those that have taken their own lives it simply means I hate that it is even an option. I feel like it’s in our daily vocabulary so much that kids today it just don’t get how serious and as devastating it is. That suicide is not the beginning of your story, but a tragic end. When you hear that word you shouldn’t think rock star, movie star, etc. You should think sadness, desperation and loneliness. Because that is what suicide is. It is not a claim to fame, not your legacy. Your life shouldn’t be about how you died, it should be about how you LIVED.

          Recently someone very dear and near to me has struggled. This person is capable of doing quite possibly anything they want to. That’s how I know they won’t suffer long. They’ll figure this out, get on the right meds and they’ll be better for it. Sometimes you have to get that reality check. Sometimes you need that bump in the road to know there might be more. A crash course in Where The Fuck That Come From? Have any of you ever suffered with depression? Remember, you can post anonymously. Kind of like Topix, but I’ll delete that shit if I don’t like it.    :)



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