<![CDATA[The SLK Files - SLK Recipes]]>Sat, 20 Jan 2018 09:38:41 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Baked Catfish Filets]]>Wed, 05 Aug 2015 03:35:50 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/baked-catfish-filets This is a quick and easy recipe for school nights. The True Lime seasoning can be bought online at Amazon.com. You can use lime juice, garlic powder and cilantro in its place if you don’t want to mess with online shopping. I used Lawry’s seasoning salt but any brand will work the same. As far as the butter I always prefer and strongly suggest using real butter compared to margarine. The flavor is a hundred times better. If you use margarine regularly pick up some real butter the next time you shop and you’ll instantly notice the difference. Absolutely nothing compares.

4 Catfish Filets

True Lime-Lime, Garlic and Cilantro

Seasoned Salt


1.    Preheat oven to 415. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and spray with vegetable oil cooking spray. Lay your filets on the baking sheet without over-lapping.

2.  Sprinkle the lime mix and seasoned salt (as much or as little as you prefer) on the filets. Cut a thin slice of butter and lay one slice on each filet.

3.  Bake for 45-55 minutes or until fish is thoroughly cooked and flakes easily with a fork.

<![CDATA[Loaded Baked Potato Salad]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2015 15:51:22 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/loaded-baked-potato-salad5 Large Baking Potatoes
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1/2 small yellow onion, chopped
5 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled
2 cups sour cream
1 cup mayo
Salt and Pepper to taste

-Peel and dice potato and put in sauce pan. Cover with water and bring to boil until taters are soft.

-Let taters cool. Put in mixing bowl and add both onions, bacon, sour cream, mayo and salt n' pepper.  Mix well.

-Chill for an hour in fridge. Serve!
<![CDATA[Christmas Favorites Recipe #2]]>Thu, 18 Dec 2014 03:00:50 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/december-17th-2014From Pinterest.com

Reindeer Noses

1 bag Pretzel Twists
1 bag (12 oz. size) m&ms
1 bag Hershey's kisses (12 ounce bag)

-Preheat your oven to 225 degrees. spread the round pretzels on a cookie sheet so that they lie flat.
-Place one kiss in each pretzel.Allow the kisses to melt. Don’t leave the room. This really takes only 3 or 4 minutes. press one M into each kiss.
-Push them around a little so that chocolate touches all of the edges of the pretzels.

<![CDATA[Christmas Favorite Recipe #1]]>Thu, 18 Dec 2014 02:45:17 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/christmas-favorite-recipe-1 KID FRIENDLY!!! Always have adult supervision!!!
*Recipe inspired by Your Home Based Mom
Print Recipe and posted on http://keepingupwithkitchenmom.blogspot.com/2011/11/christmas-cookie-bark.html

Christmas Candy Bark

14 whole Oreos, broken up (get the Christmas ones if you can)

1 1/2 cups pretzels, broken. (long skinny ones work great)
1 cup Christmas colored M&M's
1 lb white chocolate or almond bark (I used bark)
Christmas colored sprinkles

-First, line a baking sheet with waxed paper.  Mix on the sheet the Oreos, pretzels and 3/4 cup of the M&M's.
-Melt the chocolate or bark in a microwave safe bowl for 1 1/2 minutes (only if using the large bricks of bark, if using chocolate chips or smaller pieces melt 30 seconds at a time), stir, and continue melting in microwave for 30 seconds at a time until melted and smooth.
- Drizzle over the candy mixture and top with extra M&M's and sprinkles.  Allow to dry at room temperature or in the refrigerator until hardened.

-Break into chunks!
You can wrap these in decorative bags to give as gifts!
-Enjoy :)
<![CDATA[Spaghetti Carbonara]]>Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:22:12 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/spaghetti-carbonara from Cathy Mitchell’s Quick and Easy Dump Dinners. This is a super easy recipe and so good! I add green onions to pretty much everything and it goes really well with this recipe. Just sprinkle some chopped onion over each serving.

4 slices bacon, diced

1 pound hot cooked spaghetti noodles

2 eggs, beaten

1 cup grated Parmesan cheese

- Heat large skillet over medium heat. Add bacon and cook until crisp.

- Turn off heat and add the cooked pasta and stir in the eggs and cheese.

- Stir until well combined and heated through before serving.

<![CDATA[Easy Guacamole¬†]]>Thu, 26 Jun 2014 23:21:03 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/easy-guacamole  4 avocados - peeled, pitted and mashed

1 small shallot, finely chopped

½ small white onion, finely chopped

1 Roma tomato, diced

1 tbsp. garlic powder

½ cup mayo or sour cream

Salt and pepper to taste

Juice from 1 lime (to keep guacamole from browning)

      -In a large bowl mix (all ingredients) avocados, shallots, onion, Roma tomato, garlic powder, mayo or sour cream and lime juice. Add salt and pepper (add a little, taste, add more if desired).

    -Refrigerate for one hour for best flavor. Serve with chips, tacos, nachos, or anything you’d like. I use guacamole instead of ranch on salads. Try it!

*I have used mayo and sour cream in this recipe and I cannot tell you which one I liked better so I am letting you decide which one to use.*

You can add 1 tomato, diced, to the guacamole if you wish. I don't like tomatoes in mine so I didn't include it in the guacamole pictured here.  :-)

<![CDATA[Twice Baked Potato Casserole]]>Thu, 26 Jun 2014 03:06:31 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/twice-baked-potato-casserole Variation from recipe on http://thisweekfordinner.com/2012/02/28/twice-baked-potato-casserole/

1.5 pounds Red potatoes (any will work but I think red potatoes have the best flavor for this recipe)

8 oz. cream cheese, softened

2 tablespoons melted butter

1/3 cup sour cream

2 jalapenos, seeded and diced

1 cup shredded cheddar or cheddar-jack cheese

Salt and pepper (to taste)

Sliced green onions and crumbled cooked bacon (optional)

-Poke potatoes with fork twice, wrap in foil. Bake in a 350-degree oven for about an hour, until easily pierced by a knife. Leave the oven on.

-Mash potatoes with the skins ON in a bowl by hand. Add cream cheese, butter, sour cream, salt and pepper. Mix and mash some more! Spread in a 1-1/2 quart casserole dish. Top with cheese. Bake for about 10-15 minutes, until cheese is all melted. Top with sliced green onions and crumbled bacon if desired.

*The original recipe calls for warmed cream instead of cream cheese and no jalapenos or bacon. Both variations are great!

from thisweekfordinner.com
<![CDATA[Swamp Water ]]>Sun, 22 Jun 2014 22:07:45 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/swamp-waterfrom marieclaire.com

1 1/cups vodka

1 cup Midori

2 cups sour mix (Lemon-X)

2 cups pineapple juice

1 cup Sprite.

Mix all ingredients together. Drizzle grenadine on the top and serve.
<![CDATA[Turkey Salad]]>Sun, 22 Jun 2014 05:01:29 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/turkey-salad2 cups cooked turkey breast, finely chopped

3 stalks green onions, chopped

1 small shallot, finely chopped

1½ cups red, yellow and orange mini peppers, chopped

1½ cups mayo (regular, low-fat or fat-free)

½ cup sour cream

salt & pepper to taste

-Mix green onions, shallots, mini peppers and turkey in a large bowl. Add mayo and sour cream. Stir until well blended. Add salt and pepper as desired. Serve. Refrigerate leftovers for up to three days.
<![CDATA[Better Than Sex Cake]]>Fri, 20 Jun 2014 10:19:34 GMThttp://slkfiles.com/slk-recipes/better-than-sex-cake1 18.25 oz package German chocolate cake mix (or any flavor you want)

1 oz can sweetened condensed milk

1 cup hot fudge topping

1 cup caramel topping

1 12 oz container frozen whipped topping, thawed

4  chocolate bars (I use Skors, but have also tried Heath bars and Reese's Cups on it and they work very well too!)

-Bake German chocolate cake mix according to package directions. While cake is still very warm poke holes in top of cake with the end of a wooden spoon and poor sweetened condensed milk over, covering the top. Let cake cool approximately 1 hour

-Pour hot fudge topping and caramel topping over top of cake and let set approximately 10 minutes. Spread on whipped topping.

-Garnish with crushed chocolate bars and lightly drizzle with hot fudge topping and caramel topping.
Can be served immediately or for a SUPER AWESOME taste, chill for approximately 1 hour and then serve.